Our Purpose Statement

“To be a forum through which Parliamentarians and other stakeholders can work together to better protect the public from the perils of pension scams and secondary scammers; give scam victims a representative collective voice; signpost victims to support; and facilitate the development of preventative and supportive policy initiatives”

What is an All Party Parliamentary Group?

An All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is an interest group that occupies a strategic and effective position within Parliament. It is cross-party, with a minimum number of parliamentarians from the Government and the official opposition, and cross-house, made up of both peers and MPs.

The APPG on Pension Scams is a platform for constructive dialogue through which all stakeholders can exchange insights, experience and ideas with a view to helping to solve the UK’s pension scams problem.

All stakeholders are invited to provide meaningful input and help, including:

  • Victims of pension scams and their families
  • Policymakers
  • Parliamentarians
  • Market participants within the Pensions industry
  • Financial regulators
  • Media professionals with a focus on the pensions market
  • Legal professionals
  • Support groups
  • Think Tanks
  • Research organisations
  • Pensions and investment industry Trades Bodies and Professional Associations
  • Charities that can offer support; and so on

As a cross-party group, the APPG is an effective vehicle to effect meaningful change via the Parliamentary system. The Group’s status is that of an APPG and as such is bound by the rules set out by The Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. It does not have charitable status, or official status in the House, nor is it funded by Parliament. It relies wholly on the participation and contribution of parliamentarians, industry members and stakeholders committed to creating a strong platform for meaningful change.

The APPG is co-ordinated and administered via the APPG on Pension Scams’ Secretariat, the Transparency Task Force.